for all the wretchedness of your past lives…i cannot imagine my present life without you. i brought you back and sought you out to bring you home, brother.

i don’t remember anything…i have dreams. i have such hideous dreams.

nothing can erase the past. for you or anyone else. your life is your choice and your choice alone.

of all the people—you brought loki back—
i did. and that is all there is nothing else to say about my little brother.

abomination! traitor! killer! asgard fell, and her blood is on your hands!
he’s a child, he’s very much the child you raised.

why does everyone presume that i’m lying?

—it doesn’t matter! you’re just like the rest. it doesn’t matter what i do.

you are not as wicked as they think.

my anger got the best of me. you are my brother and i love you.


her face is gorgeous


her face is gorgeous